International Baccalaureate (IB) Background

Are you doing or have you completed STAR Maths?

Are you likely to achieve at least a 4 at HL or a 5 at SL in Maths?

Did you study Differentiation?

Did you study Integration?

Are you likely to achieve at least a 4 at HL or 6 at SL in Physics?

Are you likely to achieve a 4 at HL or a 6 at SL in Chemistry?

Did you pass at least SL Chemistry?

Do you expect to achieve a 7 at HL in any of Maths, Physics or Chemistry?

Semester Planner

Plan Advice: Any relevant information regarding your semester plan will appear below.

CHOOSE AN ELECTIVE: If you have selected fewer than four subjects in Semester 1 or Semester 2, you must select courses to fill them.

A second science course such as PHYS102, CHEM112 or COSC122 is a good idea to keep a pathway open into a related BSc major. Other popular choices are management or geological sciences but you may take courses from other science, forestry, arts, humanities, health, education or law subjects.

WARNING: Special permission is needed for more than 60 points in a semester. Please change your chosen Discipline Options to reduce contraints and discuss with an Engineering Student Advisor at the end of semester 1.

WARNING: Consult Engineering Student Advisors: You cannot take more than 30 points in the summer semester.

NOTE: COSC122 is available in the summer.

NOTE: Students interested in Computer Engineering or Electrical and Electronic Engineering can choose to take either MATH120 or COSC122 as part of their required First Year courses.

NOTE: EMTH119 is available in the summer.

NOTE: ENGR102 is available in the summer, however, it must be taken with or after EMTH119, not before it.

CHEM111 is available in both semesters, so can be taken in semester 2 as long as you are not taking CHEM112.

If you have achieved high grades or excellence endorsement in Maths, Physics, and/or Chemistry, you may be eligible for a Modified First Year or Direct Entry into the First Professional Year (2nd Year). See the following link:

Because you did not do SL Chemistry, enrolment in Headstart Chemistry during the previous summer is strongly advised.

MATH101 cannot be counted as an elective. You may be required to take a further elective. Please contact Engineering Student Advisors to discuss.


Consult Student Advisors if instructed to do so, otherwise you're good to go!

Student Advisors can be contacted at and will get back to you as soon as possible.

Semester 1
Semester 2