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Campus Drug and Alcohol Policy (242KB, Version 3.00, PDF)

The University of Canterbury strives to provide a safe and secure environment for all students and staff on the University Campus. This document clearly sets out the rules regarding drug and alcohol use within the University Campus.

Campus Maps Policy (507KB, Version 3.00, PDF)

This document aims to ensure consistency in the naming of buildings, roads, facilities and the use of symbols and logos on UC maps.

Cloud Policy (221KB, Version 1.00, PDF)

Clubs and Groups on Campus Policy (227KB, Version 3.00, PDF)

This document is intended to give clear direction to organisers planning and conducting events and to ensure consistency with other policies.

Communications and Media Policy (245KB, Version 3.01, PDF)

This document outlines the University of Canterbury’s position on speaking to the media, news releases and internal communication and is applicable to all staff.

Computer Replacement Policy (159KB, Version 2.00, PDF)

This document seeks to standardise computer equipment replacement at the University, as a restrained and responsible practice.

Conflict of Interest Policy, Principles and Guidelines (425KB, Version 3.00, PDF)

This document seeks to ensure that in decision-making there is no conflict between personal or professional interests, or duties of trust or obligations of good faith of University members on the one hand and their obligations to or with the University on the other.

Consulting Policy (340KB, Version 2.01, PDF)Staff Only

The University of Canterbury encourages consultancy work as it is an important means of engagement with its stakeholder community. This document relates to all departments/schools and research centres for consultancy activities undertaken by academic staff, and technical staff.

Contribution Margin Funding Policy (Staff Only) (Link)

Copyright Policy (362KB, Version 3.00, PDF)

The purpose of this document is to ensure that UC staff and students are aware of, and comply with, current copyright legislation and any copyright licences entered into by the University.

Course Timetabling Principles and Guidelines (193KB, Version 3.00, PDF)

This document governs the whole-of-University approach to developing and managing student timetables.

Court of Convocation Statute (117KB, Version 2.00, PDF)

This document sets out the Court of Convocation Statute for the maintenance of the Court of Convocation Register.

Creating, Reviewing and Modifying Courses, Programmes and Qualifications Guidelines (255KB, Version 2.00., PDF)

This document outlines the methods used to gain academic approval when creating, modifying or reviewing courses, programmes or qualifications at the University of Canterbury.

Credit Recognition and Transfer Policy (443KB, Version 2.00, PDF)

This document (fornerly named Credit Transfer for Students From New Zeaalnd Insitutions Guiding Principles) gives information on granting credit to students moving between institutions, under UC Academic Regulations.


Appointments and Election Statute

This is a new policy that has been published on the UCPL. It sets out the election criteria and procedures for University of Canterbury Council Members.

Policy Review Process chart updated

The Policy Review Process chart detailing the scheduled and unscheduled review process for an existing UCPL document has been updated.

Policy Template Document available via the Policy Unit

The UCPL template has been updated. The UCPL template is only appropriate for documents that have been institutionally approved as per the Metapolicy. Access to this document is now via the Policy Unit. Please contact the Policy Unit if you require a copy. Contact details for the Policy Unit are at the bottom of this page.

New Printing Policies

Two new policies have been added to the Policy Library around printing at the University, Staff Printing Services Policy and Student Printing Services Policy . These replace the Printer and Multifunctional Devices Policy.

Furniture and Storage Policy

The Furniture and Storage Policy has recently been added to the Policy Library. The purpose of this policy is to set out standards and procedures to control storage and inventory of University surplus furniture items and retention of documents whilst best supporting the University’s goals.

Please contact the contact officer listed on the policy if you have any questions.

Drones Policy

The Drones Policy is a recent addition to the Policy Library. The University has chosen to limit the use of drones on campus, especially on the Ilam Fields and Ilam and Dovedale campuses. This document provides guidence on where further information on this topic can be obtained.

Any requests to fly drones on campus should be directed in the first instance to the Manager, Campus Services. Further information about drones on campus and the application process is available from UC Security.

The Use of Electronic Signatures on University Documents

The Fraud Response Policy (PDF,313KB) was updated in April 2017 to include guidelines for the use of electronic signatures on University documents. Staff and students should make themselves aware of these changes and refer to the policy in the first instance when using electronic signatures.

Parking and Traffic Statute 2017

The Parking and Traffic Statute 2003 was reviewed at the end of 2016. In addition to content changes, the location of this information has been transferred from the University Regulations website into the UC Policy Library.

The 2003 Statute is still available and is contained as an appendix to the revised 2017 Statute, available on the UC Policy Library.